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The Escualo Quintet is a unique formation of young professional instrumentalists who dedicate themselves to Argentine tango music. The group has performed at several prestigious international festivals. In terms of instruments the Escualo Quintet is identical to the quintet of Argentine composer and musician Astor Piazzolla.

In its interpretation of Argentine tango the Escualo Quintet focuses on a combination of dance music styles, namely Tango Viejo, Tango Tipico, and a concert style known as Tango Nuevo, which is a fascinating synthesis of temperamental Argentinian folklore, classical music and jazz. The Escualo Quintet operates under the auspices of and has been acknowledged by the Embassy of the Argentine Republic. The quintet was named after Astor Piazzolla’s composition Escualo, which translates as shark.

Ensemble members

Accordion/bandoneon - Jakub Jedlinský

Violin - Vít Chudý / Pavel Kudelásek

Electric guitar - Petr Beneš

Piano - Ivan Vokáč

Double bass - Jan Prokop

The Escualo Quintet performs at various international festivals, including the following:
The International Music Festival in Český Krumlov, Dvořák Festival, Festival Mitte Europa - Bayern - Čechy - Sachsen, Czech Touches of Music, Kutná Hora Guitar Night, International Guitar Festival Mikulov, Pardubice Spring International Music Festival, Czech Philharmonic concert series, Tour to Israel and South Korea etc.