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Jakub Jedlinský

Jakub Jedlinský is a successful accordion and bandoneon player from the young generation.
He studied at the Conservatory of Pardubice with Professor Antonín Dvořák and graduated from the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen (Jaroslav Vlach and Jarmila Vlachová jr.) and attended a Master Class at The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Esbjerg, Denmark, with Ass. Professor Jytte von Rüden.

He has won several prizes at Czech and international competitions. Jakub attended international courses and workshops under the guidance of prominent personalities proficient in their field (Bogdan Dowlasz, Jytte von Rüden, Nikolay Sevrjukov). He has made several recordings for Czech Radio (Český rozhlas). He cooperates with significant musical personalities, like Gabriela Vermelho and Pavel Fischer, and he regularly performs at music festivals in the Czech Republic and abroad (Austria, Denmark, Germany, Poland).

Jakub Jedlinský started teaching accordion at the Conservatory of Pardubice in 2008.